Resume Theory

Our Resume Theory workshops covers the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ of Targeted Resumes and outline Chronological and Functional Skill-Based Resume styles in a group setting. After this you can attend the Resume Lab workshop for assistance with resume development. No Computer use required.

Resume Lab

The Resume Lab workshop is an independent activity designed to help you build your Resume or Cover Letters. You will have access to templates via Virtual WorkBC or can use any of the free templates built into Word. Your facilitator will answer questions, assist with content, and help with formatting, spelling, and grammar. Computer use required.

In order to attend this workshop, you must:

  1. Bring earbuds/headphones if accessing Virtual WorkBC Workshop (for audio)
  2. Access to email, online storage, or a USB thumb drive. Documents cannot be saved to the computers you will be using.
  3. Basic computer skills including the ability to use Microsoft Word.

Interview Skills: Prep for Success

The first Interview Skills workshop addresses different types of interviews, how to prepare, personal conduct during an interview, and how-to follow-up afterwards. You will not use a computer for this course, but will receive instruction on how to explore tools and content in Virtual WorkBC Interview Modules. No computer use required.

Interview Skills: STAR Interviews

The second Interview Skills workshop will reign in the extroverts and challenge the introverts! We will discuss techniques like STAR/SAR to answer interview questions effectively. You will have opportunity to look at sample questions and practice interactively.

Cover Letters and References

The Cover Letters and References workshop includes information on Cover Letter composition, how to target job postings, and how to use networking to connect with target employers. References will be discussed: who is an effective reference? How many should you provide and when to provide to employer? No computer use required.

Computer Skills Workshop

The Computer Skills Workshop will provide training on introductory computer skills, including how to save and label a document, attach a document to your email and interact with Microsoft Word for the purpose of job search and resume submission. You will learn how to access Virtual WorkBC for online workshops and other websites for further learning support. You must have a valid email address and be able to access your email account with your password. Computer use required.

Beyond the Postings

Our Beyond the Postings workshop focuses on Informational Interviews and networking. You’ll learn how to approach a company about their potential hiring needs and targeting your resumes/cover letters to best connect to the employers of your choice. No computer use required.

Career Transitions

The Career Transitions workshop will lead you to examine your skills, experience, interests, personality, and values to help you find a new career fit! The workshop outcome is CLARITY (Your Skills + Interests + Personality + Values).