Apply to WorkBC Cowichan

Apply for WorkBC Services: In-Centre or From Home!

Want help applying for WorkBC Services?

Visit your closest WorkBC Centre, our staff will be happy to help you apply step-by-step!

If you're unsure about the services you want, or are not familiar with registering for websites or using the Internet, we suggest you visit your the WorkBC Centre in-person so our expert staff can assist you! If you have any questions call Duncan at 1 (250) 748-9880 or Ladysmith at 1 (250) 924-2884

Want to apply for WorkBC Services from the comfort of your own home?

The 3 steps below will walk you through applying for WorkBC services on your own.

If you're familiar with registering for websites, using the Internet, accessing email, and filling out web forms we suggest applying on your own to save you time! If you need help during the registration process call Duncan at 1 (250) 748-9880 or Ladysmith at 1 (250) 924-2884. Our staff will be happy to assist or answer any questions you might have!

Step 1: Getting Started

Everything you need (and need to know) before you register!

Welcome to WorkBC!

First things first, lets talk about how the application process works!
  • You will apply for WorkBC services on WorkBC's website ( directly, not the website you're reading this on. You'll choose to apply to either the Duncan or Ladysmith Centre during registration.
  • The step-by-step instructions (Step 2 & 3 below) will guide you through using WorkBC's website, so make sure to keep this page open while you apply, and check back if you get stuck!
What You Need:

You'll need to have some information handy before you start!

  • An email address unique to you. If you don't have one or share an email with someone else, we link to a number of common email provider on the homepage under Client Links! Register for the email service of your choice. A personal email address is required to receive WorkBC services.
  • The WorkBC Centre you want to apply to: Duncan or Ladysmith. If you're not sure which one to choose, visit the Service Areas section on the homepage!
  • Some required personal information, including:
    • Name, date of birth, and gender
    • Social Insurance Number
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number
  • About 15 minutes. Yep, that's all it takes!
What happens once I'm registered?
  • Your registration request will be assigned to a WorkBC Staff Member, who will get in touch with you review your application promptly.
  • You'll have access to OES (Online Employment Services) using your BCeID. Here, you can review the status of your WorkBC application and services at any time.
  • OES (Online Employment Services) includes a messaging system. All written communication with your WorkBC Centre will be sent through this system in OES.
  • When you receive a message in OES you'll get an email alert to your BCeID's email address and/or a text message to your cell phone. These alerts will include a direct link for you to reply to the message in OES!
  • A few things to keep in mind:
    • We will never email you directly, all text communication will go through the OESemail system (we might give you a call though!).
    • We will never ask you for your BCeID, email, OES, or any other login information.
Ready to go? Click Next to start your application!

Step 2: Registering for Services

Step-by-step instructions to register for WorkBC Services!

Registering for Services Step-By-Step

  1. Click Here to visit (

    When you click the link above a new Window or Tab will open and take you to

    Follow the below instructions below on

  2. Click the "Create an account" Button

    On the "Welcome to Online Employment Services" page, click the "Create an account" button (circled in red).

    Create OES account screen shot
  3. What type of services are you applying for?

    On the next page you'll see 5 different options. Choose the option you're most interested in. (1)

    If you're unsure choose "WorkBC Employment Services".

    Click the Continue button. (2)

    Service selection screen shot
  4. Please select your WorkBC Centre

    In the "Community" dropdown, select either "Duncan" or "Ladysmith" and click "Search". (1)

    Both Duncan and Ladysmith WorkBC Centres will appear. Click "Continue with this Centre" on the Centre you want to apply to. (2)

    If you're not sure which one to choose, visit the Service Areas section on the homepage! You'll find a description of the areas each Centre serves.

    Select your WorkBC Centre screen shot
  5. WorkBC Employment Services

    On this page, scroll past the section titled "WorkBC Employment Services" and click "Start" (circled in red).

    Start your WorkBC Application screen shot
  6. Your consent is required

    After clicking "Start" you will be asked to agree to the Terms and Conditions of service.

    Review the Terms and Conditions, check the "I Agree to the Terms and Conditions" checkbox, and click "Continue".

  7. Do you currently have a BCeID?

    A BCeID is an online government account unique British Columbia. It is used across many government services. You'll need a BCeID to sign in to OES and receive WorkBC services.

    Select one of the 3 options on this page:

    Yes: You have a BCeID.

    No: You don't have a BCeID.

    Not Sure: You might have a BCeID and would like help finding it!

    BCeID Option screen shot
  8. Creating, Finding, or Logging into your BCeID

    Each of the 3 sections below provides specific instructions based on your previous choice of Yes, No, or Not Sure. Follow only the one section below that applies to your choice.

    If you get stuck or are not sure how to access your BCeID you can always register for a new BCeID by choosing "No", even if you already have one.

    Choose Yes and click "Continue". You'll be taken to the BCeID Login page.

    BCeID Login screen shot

    Login with your BCeID. If you forgot your password or User ID click the "Forgot your user ID or password" link and follow the instructions. You'll need access to the email address associated with your BCeID and know the answers to your security questions to reset your password or retrieve your BCeID User ID.

    Continue to #9 below once you're logged in to your BCeID!

    Choose "No" and click "Continue". You'll be taken to the BCeID Registration page.

    Click the "Register for a Basic BCeID" button.

    On the following page, enter your Surname (Last Name), First Name, Email, User ID (this is your BCeID and must be unique) and Password.

    Select 2 security questions and provide answers (1). We strongly suggest writing these answers down along with your BCeID User ID and Email and keeping it in a safe, private place. You need to answer the security questions correctly and access your email inbox to reset your password in the future.

    Check the ReCAPTCHA box and complete the challenge, if required (2). Check the "Yes, i have read and I accept the Terms of Use Agreement" checkbox (3) and click "Continue" (4)

    BCeID Register screen shot 1

    On the following "Registration Complete" page, click "Continue to Online Employment Services - Production".

    BCeID Register screen shot 2

    Continue to #9 below once you've logged in to the BCeID you just created!

    A form will expand below when selecting this option. Enter your Last Name, SIN number, and date of birth.

    Click Continue. If a BCeID is found associated with your name and SIN number it will be displayed and you can choose the BCeID you'd like to login to.

    If you've forgotten the passwords of any BCeID's found, you can follow the directions to reset your password on the login page. You must have access to the email associated with the BCeID and know the answer to the security questions to reset your password.

    If you don't have access to your email or know your security questions you'll have to go back and choose "No" to register for a new BCeID.

    Continue to #9 below once you're logged in to your BCeID!

  9. Register for Online Employment Services

    After logging in or registering for a BCeID you may be presented with the login history screen. Click Continue.

    On the "Register for Online Employment Services" page, enter your First name, Last name, SIN, Date of Birth, and Gender. Required fields are indicated by a red *.

    Select the method you'd like to receive notification when you get a message in OES. You can receive emails, text messages, or both. (1)

    Enter your email address (2) and Mobile phone number (3). If you selected to receive notifications via text please enter your mobile number in the "Message phone number" field as well.

    Note: If you don't have a mobile phone number please enter your home phone number in the Mobile phone number field and select "I would like to be notified by email".

    Click "Continue" once the form is complete.

    Register for OES screen shot
  10. Confirmation email and text message sent

    Almost done! Please take a moment to read this page and follow the directions on it.

    If you choose to receive text message notification you'll receive a text to confirm your phone number. Enter the verification code from the text message in the "Verification Code" field.

    Click "Logout & Continue" then "Return to Home Page".

    Confirm OES account screen shot
  11. On to Step 3!

    You're registered! Please close any open WorkBC website tabs or windows you have open. Leave these instructions open though - Step 3 is next!

    We're not quite done though, next we have to get you logged in to OES and fill in your OES profile!

    Continue to Step 3 below to login to OES by clicking "Next"!

Step 3: Completing OES Registration

Now you've got an OES (Online Employment Services) account lets use it!

OES (Online Employment Services)

  1. You've got an email!

    Visit your email inbox and locate a message with the subject "Online Employment Services Email Verification".

    You'll find a link in this email. Please click this link and login with the BCeID you used during registration to complete the setup of your account.

    Email from OES screen shot
  2. Section 1: Client Intake

    Now you're logged into OES you should see the "Section 1: Client Intake" screen with 0% complete.

    Click Continue on this page. You'll be taken to the "Please provide us with some basic personal information" page. This, and each subsequent page will require you to answer questions or enter information. Enter as much information as possible and answer all questions truthfully the best you can!

    Fields marked with a * are required.

    Click "Continue" after completing each page to move to the next. If you want to go back you can click the "Previous" button at any time.

    OES Section 1 Client Intake screenshot
  3. Section 2: Client Questionnaire

    You're done with Section 1! On to "Section 2: Client Questionnaire"

    Click Continue on this page, or Previous if you'd like to review Section 1. You'll be taken to the "Tell us about your most recent employment or self-employment" page.

    This, and each subsequent page will require you to answer questions or enter information. Enter as much information as possible and answer all questions the best you can!

    Fields marked with a * are required.

    Click "Continue" after completing each page. If you want to go back you can click the "Previous" button at any time.

    On the last page, "Your consent is required", review the Terms and Conditions, check the "I have read the Terms and Conditions" checkbox, and click "Submit Application".

    OES Section 2 Client Questionnaire screen shot
  4. Congratulations! You've applied for WorkBC Services!

    After clicking on "Submit Application" you should receive confirmation your application for WorkBC has been successfully submitted. Our staff will be in contact with you shortly! In the meantime, take some time to look around OES!

    The next items, #5 and #6 below, cover logging into OES next time (#5) and using OES once logged in (#6)! Please take a few minutes to review each so you know how to access and use OES - you'll be required to do so as part of your services.

  5. Logging into OES From Now On

    If you've been following these instructions from the beginning you first logged into OES by clicking the link in your email. Here's how to do it in the future without that email!

    1. Visit You can also find a direct link on the Client Links -> Login to WorkBC Services section on the homepage!

    2. Login with your BCeID and password you used when registering in Step 2!

  6. Using OES

    You're logged into OES, but what does OES do for you? Here are a few things:

    Messages: The most important tab is "Messages". This is where all text communication with WorkBC and WorkBC staff will take place (we're not allowed to email you directly!). Whenever you get a message in OES you'll receive a notification to your email and/or phone number, depending on your selection in Step 2.

    Applications: The applications tab allows you to track the application you just made, as well as make new applications in the future for additional services!

    Service Requests; Case Details; Employment History: These tabs will become populated once your application(s) are approved and you begin to receive services. They will allow you to request services, view the details of your case file, and update and modify your employment history!

    Account Information: Finally Account Information allows you to edit your personal/contact/language info, as well as change your notification preferences if you'd like to change how you receive OES message notifications.

    OES screen shot